Sylvania 72178 Motion Activated Battery Powered Safety Light

Sylvania 72178 Motion Activated Battery Powered Safety Light

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Sylvania 72178 Motion Activated Battery Powered Safety Light Short Description

The Sylvania Motion-Activated Battery-Powered Safety Light lets you add an extra level of safety to almost any area. Battery-powered operation and an indoor/outdoor design mean you can place this bright white LED wherever you need it most. With easy installation, automatic shut-off, and the reliability of LED technology, this light is sure to give you peace of mind.

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Battery-Powered Safety Light
  • Motion activation provides light when you need it
  • 13-foot, 130-degree motion detection range
  • Battery power lets you place light anywhere
  • Splash-proof design work indoors and out
  • Mount with adhesive, magnetic, or screw hardware
  • Automatic shut-off saves energy
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72178 Safety Light

This motion-activated LED Light provides a reliable source of light and peace of mind.
Battery-Powered LED Works Anywhere
The Sylvania LED Motion Sensor Light is ideal for garages, decks, entryways, hallways, stairways, and any areas where safety and security is a concern. Because it runs on three 'AAA' batteries (included), this LED doesn't require an outlet, so you can install it just about anywhere. It includes hardware for three different mounting options: adhesive, magnetic, or screw mounting, and its splash-proof, indoor/outdoor housing further increases your placement options.

This super-bright, versatile LED can even function as a portable flashlight--its possibilities are nearly endless.

Illumination When You Need It
The LED Motion Sensor Light automatically turns on at dark, or it can be set to turn on when it senses motion within a 130-degree, 13-foot radius. You can disable the photo and motion sensor to switch the light to manual mode, and you can set the programmable auto shut-off function (10 seconds) to conserve energy.

About Sylvania: Seeing the World in a New Light
Since 1901, Sylvania has been a provider of lighting solutions and a broad range of specialty applications for homes, businesses, and automobiles. Sylvania's goal is for everyone to see the world in a new light. Light is vital to life, it enables us to see, grow, work, and play, and it makes life richer and more comfortable. That's why Sylvania develops energy-efficient light sources and systems that deliver comfortable and attractive illumination.

What's in the Box
Motion-sensor LED light; three 'AAA' batteries; and mounting hardware for adhesive, magnetic, and screw mounting.

Sylvania 72178 Motion Activated Battery Powered Safety Light Key Features

  • Osram Sylvania No. 72178 SylWHT motion-activating light
  • 1 bright white LED, on/off/auto switch, on for 12 seconds when motion activated
  • Head rotates up and down and side to side, 13-feet and 130-degree detection range
  • Comes with three AAA batteries, indoor and outdoor use
  • Dimensions: 4.5 inches tall by 2.5 inches wide by 2 inches deep

List Price: $ 12.99

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