Water Softener Salt Hopper (Chute)

Water Softener Salt Hopper (Chute)

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Water Softener Salt Hopper (Chute) Short Description

No more dangerous basement steps. No more mess throughout the house. No more salt deliveries in your house.

Our product was designed to save you time, money, and your health. Our salt hopper works with all softener brine tanks. It functions like a laundry chute to deliver salt from your garage to your brine tank.

This unit should be installed by professionals with appropriate experience and training in the carpentry and plumbing trades. Additional materials (piping, etc) are required to complete the installation/connection to your brine tank due to variations in garage and water softener setup configurations. Note - in many instances your brine tank can be moved without moving your water softener unit by simply extending your plastic line between your brine tank and water softener unit. This may be desirable/necessary to enable setup of the Salt Hopper with your home's specific configuration.

Water Softener Salt Hopper (Chute) Key Features

  • Salt Hopper mounts in your garage to deliver salt to your brine tank.
  • Snap in grate allows salt to flow easily.
  • Keyed lock ensures safety.
  • This product has been manufactured using recycled plastic.
  • Made in the U.S.A.

List Price: $ 199.99

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