Hawking HomeRemote Pro HRAM1 Electrical Appliance Module

Hawking HomeRemote Pro HRAM1 Electrical Appliance Module

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Hawking HomeRemote Pro HRAM1 Electrical Appliance Module Short Description

The HomRemote Z-Wave Appliance Module gives you on/off control of any plug-in devices, such as your TV or iron. Control electrical appliances and compact fluorescent bulbs using your web browser (HomeRemote Gateway Required), cell phone (Cell Link Subscription required) or Z-Wave remote control. Receive 2-way feedback to confirm devices are set up and working properly. Module includes a manual override function. Each appliance module functions as a repeater to extend the range of your home control wireless network. Use with radios, television, lights and other electrical appliances.Amazon.com Product Description The Hawking Technologies HomeRemote Pro Wireless Appliance Module lets you expand and customize your HomeRemote Pro Monitor and Control System, allowing you to control lights, radios, fans, and other appliances from anywhere via your cell phone or Web browser. Having the option of remotely controlling your home appliances lets you save energy, and adds security, convenience, and peace of mind to your life.

The HomeRemote Pro Wireless Appliance Module:
  • Provides on/off control of plug-in appliances
  • Works with radios, televisions, and lights
  • Offers simple plug-and-play installation

Pro service allows you to utilize a convenient cell phone interface.

Control lights and appliances from anywhere, or link them to motion sensors for added security. View larger.
Note: This product includes only a HomeRemote Pro Wireless Appliance Module. An installed HomeRemote Pro Internet Gateway (sold separately) is required to use the module. An additional monthly subscription fee is required to access all of the features of the module. (Click here for a comparison chart between the Home Remote Pro System basic and pro-level services.)

Additional Modules Mean Added Security
The HomeRemote Appliance Module lets you remotely control virtually any electrical appliance in your home, via your cell phone or the HomeRemote Web interface. Turning radios and televisions on and off remotely keeps outsiders guessing whether or not you're home. And by using appliance modules in conjunction with HomeRemote Pro Door/Window Sensors, you can set your appliances to turn on and off when doors or windows are opened, frightening and exposing potential intruders. In addition to on/off controls, the Appliance Module also has a manual override function.

Control Your Energy Usage For Greener Living
The HomeRemote Appliance Module also offers a convenient, streamlined way to make optimal use of your appliances. Rather than leave fans and air conditioners on, you can remotely switch them on just before you get home, so rooms are pleasantly cool when you arrive. You can also monitor and check to turn anything off that you might have accidentally left on. With the HomeRemote, conserving energy is easy to do -- and that is good for the environment, and good for your wallet.

Beyond improved security, the home remote system offers you a convenient, streamlined way to make optimal use of your appliances.

Quick, Easy Setup
With true plug-and-play setup, HomeRemote Pro Appliance Modules are easy to integrate into your existing HomeRemote system. Simply follow the wizard on the add/remove module page of the HomeRemote Web interface to add a new module to your customized system. Then it's just a matter of plugging the module into any outlet in your home, and plugging an electronic device into the module. A convenient LED indicator provides useful feedback during setup. No hardwiring, no special installation. It's that easy.

The appliance module is designed to work with the HomeRemote system and all Z-Wave-enabled remote controls. It has a wireless control range of up to 100 feet.

How the HomeRemote Pro Monitoring System Works
The HomeRemote Monitoring System lets you monitor your home, secure it from intruders, and control its appliances and power usage via a cell phone or an Internet browser while you're working, at school, or even traveling abroad. You can also use it to monitor your children or pets, or keep tabs on an elderly family member. And business owners can use the system to keep an eye on their premises or employees.

By connecting the Pro Internet Gateway to your Internet router, you'll effectively create a wireless network that "connects" your home to the Internet. And by adding HomeRemote Pro accessories to your home, such as the Pro Door Sensor and Pro Lamp Module, or other HomeRemote

The module also functions as a repeater, extending the distance of the Z-Wave signal.
Pro-enabled products, such as Electrical Appliance modules and Pro Motion Detectors (sold separately), you'll have the option of

The comprehensive web interface lets you check on the status of your home and even view real-time video of your premises. View larger.
remotely controlling your heating and cooling system, lighting, blinds, garage door, and virtually any electrical appliance in your home.

Award-Winning Z-Wave Wireless Technology
At the heart of the HomeRemote Pro System is Z-Wave wireless "mesh" technology, an award-winning wireless standard for home automation. Unlike traditional remote technologies that rely on infrared signals, Z-Wave is not affected by walls or other barriers, and it offers two-way communication, giving you confirmation that your commands were received and executed. With Z-Wave, the guesswork and finger-crossing is taken out of the equation.

Because each "module" or HomeRemote Pro accessory acts as a repeater that extends the distance of the Z-Wave signals, with a few easily installed and strategically placed HomeRemote Pro accessories, your entire home can be covered in a matter of minutes without any hard-wiring or special installation.

This diagram shows how the HomeRemote Pro Monitoring System works. View larger.
Easy Set Up: No Special Tools or Wiring Required
Setting up a HomeRemote Pro Monitoring System up couldn't be easier. Once you connect the Pro Internet Gateway to your router, you log into the HomeRemote Pro Web site, where you can customize your HomeRemote Pro System by naming the rooms in your home. (You can also personalize your HomeRemote Pro Web page with photos of yourself and other custom touches.) Then it's just a matter of plugging accessories into outlets throughout your home and adding them to your system.

The "installation" of HomeRemote Pro accessories is as easy as plugging in one of the several HomeRemote Pro modules into available electrical outlets. Once the modules, which are about the size of typical home appliance timers, are connected, you simply plug your lamp or appliance into it. The modules let you control appliances remotely (you can schedule them, or turn them on or off on demand), and they will also act as "repeaters" that effectively extend your home's Z-Wave wireless network. For more information on HomeRemote-compatible accessories, visit www.homeremote.net.

The HomeRemote Pro Appliance Module has a max load of 600 Watts and a rating of 120V, 60Hz. It measures 3.25 x 2.85 x 1.25 inches (excluding male prongs).

What's in the Box
One wireless appliance module and user's manual.

Hawking HomeRemote Pro HRAM1 Electrical Appliance Module Key Features

  • Appliance control module for use with HomeRemote Pro Home Control and Remote Monitoring System
  • Allows you to control appliances via Web browser or cell phone
  • Easy plug and play installation
  • Acts as part of the wireless Z-Wave system in your home
  • Measures 3.25 x 2.85 x 1.25-inches (LxWxH), excluding male prongs

List Price: $ 60.00

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