Garage Door Closer Kit

Garage Door Closer Kit

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Garage Door Closer Kit Short Description

Now you can purchase the Autocloser and the exclusive I-Opener option in a single kit. The kit offers an additional electronic key at no additional charge. The I-Opener add-on allows you to enjoy a safe garage with easy ultra-secure access. The Autocloser Kit comes with two black electronic keys. Additional colored keys can be ordered separately.

Leave your opener remote behind! Introducing the revolutionary I-Opener system. The I-Opener system is an optional attachment exclusive to the Autocloser that puts fast and secure garage access at the tip of your finger. This optional subsystem allows the device to open and close a garage door from a remote, secure terminal utilizing an electronic key. The Autocloser can remember up to 9 electronic keys. Each electronic key has a unique code that is permanently stored in the key's memory. The code provides 281,474,976,710,656 possible serial numbers. That's 281 trillion possible numbers. If a thief wanted to circumvent the system by inputting every possible number, it would take more than a million years. (The I-Opener system only reads a serial number once per second.) The exclusive I-Opener system is highly secure, easy to install and easy to operate.

Garage Door Closer Kit Key Features

  • Automatically closes the garage door if it has been left open.
  • Works with any common residential garage door opener.
  • Provides easy entrance with electronic key fobs.
  • Very secure -- no two key fobs have the same code.
  • Lost key fobs can be deleted so that they no longer work.

List Price: $ 74.99

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