Metroplitan Vac N' Blo Auto Vac

Metroplitan Vac N' Blo Auto Vac

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Metroplitan Vac N' Blo Auto Vac Short Description

VNB-83BA Features: -Portable vacuum.-4.0 Peak horsepower.-Vacuum / blower capabilities.-Ships with reusable dust cloth filter bag and 13 attachments. Includes: -Includes VNB-73 vacuum, 6' flexible hose plus two 20" extensions. Construction: -All steel construction. Dimensions: -Dimensions: 7.5" H x 11.2" W x 20.4" D.Sling on the shoulder strap or carry it by the handle-this incredibly powerful yet only 17-by-7-inch vacuum is ready to detail the dirtiest car, SUV, or garage workshop. The twin-fan, 4-peak-horsepower motor gives the Vac N' Blo 95 inches of water lift, a high score on the best measurement system of a vacuum's suction performance. Built with all-steel construction, the portable vacuum comes with a 12-foot grounded power cord that plugs into any 120-volt outlet. A flexible 6-foot hose and two 20-inch rigid extensions increase the reach, along with a crevice tool and four detailing attachments for those hard-to-clean air vents and door gaps. The upholstery brush freshens up curtains in camper vans, too.

As its name implies, the Metro Vac N' Blo also expels air, ideal for blow-drying freshly-washed car upholstery or spot-cleaned living room carpet. The blower nozzle also works to inflate mattresses, rafts, and beach toys, and blow leaves off the front porch. Shake out the cloth dust bag every so often, and reuse indefinitely. All totaled, there are 13 interchangeable attachments for this model. While there are no wheels on the body, a dolly especially designed for the Blo N' Vac is available separately. --Ann Bieri

Metroplitan Vac N' Blo Auto Vac Key Features

  • Powerful twin-fan vacuum for automobile and home use
  • All-steel construction; 120-volt; 12-foot grounded cord
  • 13 interchangeable attachments clean every crevice in car
  • Also blow-dries carpet, inflates mattresses; reusable cloth dust bag
  • Measures 17 by 7 inches; 6-foot flexible hose, 2 20-inch extensions

List Price: $ 179.00

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