Black & Decker FW1000 2- Piece Freewire Starter Kit

Black & Decker FW1000 2- Piece Freewire Starter Kit

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Black & Decker FW1000 2- Piece Freewire Starter Kit Short Description

Looking for a wireless home control system that's both simple and affordable? The Black & Decker Freewire Keyfob & Receiver Kit is an expandable system that's easily set up in only a few minutes, and once programmed, you'll be able to turn on a light with a push of a button from across the room or across your house. No rewiring is necessary: If you can plug in a lamp, you can use the Freewire system, which will even work seamlessly with your existing X10 components. This starter kit includes a messenger hub and a key chain remote. The messenger hub is the brain of your expandable Freewire system that doubles as a lamp module. When plugged into an AC outlet, it has the ability to receive RF signals from the key chain remote and relays these wireless messages to any Freewire receiver dialed to the same house code. You can also add modules to operate additional indoor lights, outdoor lights, and small appliances and electronics. The key chain remote provides convenient control of lights or groups of lights, small electronics, and more from the palm of your hand and will work with all Freewire components. Use it to turn on your porch light and unlock your door! The key chain remote will turn one unit code and one group on and off; it will also turn all Freewire-enabled lights and appliances on and off at once. Freewire's 256 channels and 64,000 unique codes ensure a secure system for your home. The HomeLink Wireless Control System is a factory-installed feature packaged on many vehicle models, providing a convenient way to replace up to three handheld radio-frequency transmitters used to activate devices such as gate operators, garage door openers, entry door locks, security systems and home lighting. Freewire products are compatible with select 2001 and newer HomeLink-equipped vehicles. Programming instructions for HomeLink are included in the instruction guide for this Freewire product.

Black & Decker FW1000 2- Piece Freewire Starter Kit Key Features

  • Messenger Hub is the ""Brain"" of your freewire system - it relays wireless messages to your freewire system"
  • Key Chain Remote provides convenient control of lights, small electronics and more from the palm of your hand
  • Easy to install and easy to use
  • Works with all freewire components
  • 2 piece kit includes (1) Messenger Hub, (1) Key Chain Remote, and (2) 3V Lithium batteries

List Price: $ 52.50

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