Fulcrum 20019-301 Battery-Operated LED Clip-On Task and BBQ Light

Fulcrum 20019-301 Battery-Operated LED Clip-On Task and BBQ Light

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Fulcrum 20019-301 Battery-Operated LED Clip-On Task and BBQ Light Short Description

Fulcrum’s clip-on work light/BBQ light is a versatile task light that offers ultra-bright illumination using 6 energy-saving LED lights. These lights provide super-bright light and never need to be replaced. It has a strong articulating clamp that easily attaches to a variety of surfaces, making it an ideal light source for BBQ's, hobby tables, map reading, and a variety of other tasks around the home and office where a convenient hands-free source of light is needed. Also, its heavy-duty metal gooseneck offers adjustability without bouncing.
MultiFex Task Light
Clip-on LED work light for convenient, portable light--right where it's needed. view larger
MultiFex BBQ Light
Ideal for home or office--or outdoor grilling and camping. view larger

6-LED MultiFex Clip-On Work Light

Experience the convenience of a hands-free light--right where you need it--with this Fulcrum 20019-301 clip-on work light. Clip the portable light to the edge of a desk when paying bills, a work station when fixing things or working on hobbies, a kitchen counter for extra light over the cookbook, or a barbecue to make sure the kabobs and summer veggies grill to perfection.

The versatile, battery-operated light means fast, easily accessible light for the task at hand--no cumbersome cord or need for an outlet.

Convenient, Durable Design

Made from impact-resistant ABS plastic, the ruggedly built work light features a strong articulating clamp that securely attaches to a variety of surfaces, a durable bounce-free metal gooseneck that can be adjusted as needed, and six energy-efficient LEDs that never need to be replaced for super-bright long-lasting illumination. Even more, the LEDs offer floodlight-style illumination for more light and broader coverage than other multi-LED work lights.

LED Floodlight Technology

Better than Ordinary LED

LED floodlight technology is a blend of special LED and lens technologies that create enhanced and more useable light. Ordinary LEDs emit a highly concentrated beam of light and illuminate only a small area. They also provide very little ambient light--the area outside of the beam is dark. Ordinary LEDs also emit a "hot" light, which produces glare and can cause eye-strain.

LED floodlight technology, the next generation of lighting technology, offers a smarter choice. It delivers an ultra-wide beam of bright, glare-free light, so you can see more. It also provides even and balanced illumination over a wide area, so you can see better and more comfortably--no more eyestrain or discomfort.

In addition, the LEDs never need to be replaced, and they use only 10% of the energy compared to a conventional light bulb, which ultimately translates to fewer batteries in landfills and more money in your pocket.

Perfect for home or office--or to take along when camping, the clip-on LED work light offers a sleek, attractive design and requires three AA batteries (sold separately).


  • LED Floodlight Technology: super-bright, glare-free, ultra-wide coverage
  • 6 "Floodlight" LEDs: provide more light and broader coverage than other multi-LED work lights
  • Heavy-Duty Clamp: wide mouth, articulating clamp attaches securely on uneven surfaces
  • Metal Flex Neck: adjusts instantly to aim light; doesn't "bounce" or move
  • Durable Construction: made from impact-resistant ABS plastic
  • Multiple Uses: great for BBQ, work bench, home or office--makes a great camp light
  • Attractive: sleek, elegant design
  • Energy-Efficient LEDs: extend battery life; never need replacement
  • Batteries: uses 3 AA batteries (sold separately)
MultiFex BBQ Light
6 energy-efficient LEDs for super-bright long-lasting illumination. view larger
MultiFex BBQ Light
LED floodlight technology provides super-bright, glare-free, ultra-wide coverage.

Fulcrum 20019-301 Battery-Operated LED Clip-On Task and BBQ Light Key Features

  • Silver finish.
  • Weighs 1 pound.
  • Black finish accents.
  • Perfect for BBQs or hobby spaces.
  • Bendable lamp arm.

List Price: $ 29.99

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