Racor InterChange ICK-11B 23-Piece WallDocking Kit, Black

Racor InterChange ICK-11B 23-Piece WallDocking Kit, Black

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Racor InterChange ICK-11B 23-Piece WallDocking Kit, Black Short Description

The Racor InterChange ICK-11B Walldocking Kit makes it easy to clear up valuable floor space in your garage, shed, or other storage area. Ten durable hanging solutions allow you to store almost anything, and clever WallDocks make it easy for you to rearrange your items as often as you wish. Simply install the included Walldocks on your garage or shed wall and snap the kit's hooks, baskets, hangers, cord wraps, and racks into place. When your storage needs change, just press a button to release a unit--no tools required.

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The Interchange ICK-11B
Walldocking Kit
At a Glance
  • Specialized hooks store long-handled tools, bikes, lawn and garden supplies, and more

  • Universal mounting plates support 10 different Racor storage hooks and hangers

  • Interchangeable wall mounts adapt to your changing organizational needs

  • Corrosion-resistant epoxy coating and solid-steel construction

  • Easy to install; hardware included
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The solid steel InterChange racks are coated with a durable epoxy finish.
Installing a Walldock is simple: screw it into a stud and you're done. View larger.
Press the Walldock's button to release the hanger or basket, and take the whole thing with you. View larger.
Free Up Floor Space with Hooks, Baskets, Racks, and More
Anyone with a garage or shed knows it takes a smart strategy to keep everything organized. The Racor InterChange Walldocking Kit is an intelligent storage solution that frees up floor space and puts your items right where you need them.

The Walldocking Kit features a set of sturdy WallDocks that can hold the kit's hooks, baskets, hangers, cord wraps, and racks. With 10 different storage solutions, this Walldocking Kit gives you plenty of ways to organize your hoses, cleaning supplies, gloves, small garden tools, recreational gear, hardware, and more.

Racor WalldockUniversal System Adjusts to Meet Your Needs
InterChange WallDocks are cleverly designed to work with all InterChange hanging storage solutions, giving you the freedom to create customized storage that adapts to your needs. For example, WallDocks make it easy to arrange your items by season--in the warmer months, you can arrange your hooks to put golf clubs and hoses within easy reach, in the cooler months, you can rearrange the hooks to put rakes and shovels where you need them most.

Easy to Install and Use
The only tools you need to install a Walldock are a stud finder and a drill/screwdriver. Once you've installed your Walldocks on your garage or shed wall, all you have to do is snap the hooks and bins into place. To release a hanger or basket, just press the Walldock's button--no tools are required.

Because the hooks, baskets, hangers, cord wraps, and racks are so easy to snap and release, you can actually get your work done more efficiently. Need to remove a basket of hardware? Simply press the button on the Walldock to release, and take the whole thing with you. When you're ready to put the basket away, just snap it back into place.

Unlimited Expansion Options
The Walldocking Kit contains 10 racks and WallDocks, plus three extra WallDocks for maximum flexibility. When you accumulate more gear, simply add more WallDocks and racks to your wall. With InterChange, adjustment takes only minutes.

Built to Last
Built to last a lifetime, InterChange racks are constructed of sturdy solid steel and are coated with a durable epoxy finish. Built with heavy-gauge materials and finished with a tough powder coating, these InterChange products are designed for durability and performance.

About Racor: Organize the Clutter and Eliminate the Stress
Racor built its first garage storage rack in 1985: the SR-2 Ski Rack. Since then, the company has developed four distinct product lines and over 50 items. The Racor branded collection of products is made with uncompromising attention to fit and finish and is designed for those who will have nothing less than the best in their garages.

What's in the Box
InterChange kit contains: utility hook, catch-all basket, two tool hangers, multi-use hook, two cord wraps, two vertical bike hooks, hose rack, and 13 InterChange Walldocks.

Ten different storage solutions allow you to maximize your space.

Racor InterChange ICK-11B 23-Piece WallDocking Kit, Black Key Features

  • Store tools or other outdoor items easily
  • Use with full line of Racor Interchange accessories
  • Durable epoxy coating over solid steel construction
  • Includes 10 different hooks and 13 WallDocks
  • Easy installation with provided hardware

List Price: $ 143.75

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