First Alert SA720CN Smoke Alarm Photoelectric Sensor with Escape Light

First Alert SA720CN Smoke Alarm Photoelectric Sensor with Escape Light

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First Alert SA720CN Smoke Alarm Photoelectric Sensor with Escape Light Short Description

Featuring state-of-the-art technology that provides you and your family with an early warning of household fire, the First Alert SA720CN Photoelectric Sensor Smoke Alarm with Escape Light is an effective device designed to be the first line of defense in your household's fire-safety plan. This UL-listed alarm detects the presence of smoke and fire, while also providing a source of light to help guide you safely outside.

SA720CN Smoke Alarm Photoelectric Sensor
At a Glance:
  • Detects smoke/fire and provides a source of light
  • Uses photoelectric sensing technology to detect smoldering fires
  • Reduces false alarms
  • Tamper-resistant design with optional theft-prevention lock
  • Mute/test button for convenient, reliable operation


Smoke Alarms: 1 in every bedroom and at least 1 on every level of the home.

Carbon Monoxide Alarms: 1 on every level of the home and 1 in each sleeping area.

Fire Extinguishers: 1 on every level of the home and 1 each in the kitchen and garage.

Escape light activates with the alarm and helps you see the path to safety. View larger.

Where does carbon monoxide come from?
Smoke Alarms Save Lives
Fire is a serious threat to every household; it can strike anywhere, any time. The frightening truth is that in 2005, there were nearly 381,000 home fires in the U.S., resulting in over 16,000 casualties. Thankfully, smoke alarms like the SA720CN help to reduce the risk of death in a household fire by up to 50 percent. The more smoke alarms you have installed in your home, the higher the chance you'll be alerted to a fire in time to escape.

Smoke/Fire Detection and Escape Light Get You to Safety
The SA720CN smoke alarm alerts you to smoke and fire with a loud 85-decibel alarm. An escape light located right on the unit activates with the alarm and helps you see the path to safety. Many mistakenly believe that fires burn bright enough to sufficiently illuminate enclosed areas. In truth, fires often burn very dark, making it difficult for you to see a clear path out of harm's way. That's why the escape light is so vital; it provides the necessary illumination you need to get yourself and your family outside as quickly as possible.

Innovative Photoelectric Sensing Technology Detects Even Slow, Smoldering Fires
The SA720CN alarm uses photoelectric sensing technology, which is generally more sensitive than commonly used ionization technology, to detect large smoke particles. Large smoke particles tend to be produced in greater amounts by slow-to-burn fires (often caused by cigarettes burning in couches or bedding), which may smolder for hours before bursting into flame.

An added bonus, photoelectric sensing technology reduces false alarms like those caused by cooking smoke and shower steam.

As easy to operate as it is effective, the SA720CN boasts patented OptiPath technology, which provides 360-degrees of direct access to the smoke sensor. Additionally, a mute button quickly silences false alarms for up to 15 minutes and also doubles as an alarm test button.

Advanced Features Test, Protect, and Monitor Battery Power
Because smoke alarms are only as effective as their batteries, the SA720CN comes equipped with features that protect its battery (included) and make it clear when the battery needs replaced.

First, an easy-access side battery drawer makes it a snap to change the battery without removing the alarm from the wall or ceiling. A blinking power indicator confirms that the unit is receiving power, and an alarm will chirp once per minute when the battery needs to be replaced.

Additionally, a battery-guard drawer resists closing unless the battery is inside, and an optional theft-prevention lock secures the alarm when activated, so that the battery and/or alarm cannot be removed without proper tools, preventing children or others from compromising the alarm's ability to detect smoke and fire.

The SA720CN comes with a 10-year limited warranty.

What's in the Box
Smoke alarm, user's manual, and nine-volt battery.

Selecting a First Alert
Smoke Alarm
Details:Ionizing Smoke AlarmsPhotoelectric Smoke Alarms
Battery Type1-9 volt battery1-9 volt battery10-Year Lithium battery1-9 volt battery1-9 volt battery10-Year Lithium battery
EZ-Access Battery Compartment  
Escape Light    
Single-Button Silence/Test
Loud, 85-dB alarm
Warranty10-Year Limited10-Year Limited10-Year Limited10-Year Limited10-Year Limited10-Year Limited

First Alert SA720CN Smoke Alarm Photoelectric Sensor with Escape Light Key Features

  • Photoelectric sensor smoke alarm with bright escape light; ideal for cooking areas
  • Features convenient silence/test button, blinking power light, 85-decibel alarm
  • Also includes side battery drawer and missing battery guard
  • Low battery warning and tamper resistant
  • 9-volt battery included

List Price: $ 29.99

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